Echo Analytics’ Geospatial Data now available in CARTO


Introducing Echo Analytics' data - now available in CARTO. We explore example use cases of their POI, building and mobility data.

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Echo Analytics’ Geospatial Data now available in CARTO

The insights generated from geospatial data are as diverse as the businesses who benefit from them. Whether trying to make sustainable decisions in order to protect the environment or take a strategic step towards growing our business, geospatial data is key to the success of a wide range of organizations spanning various industries. Location Intelligence not only helps you see where your customers are but also supports you in reducing investment risks while surfacing and driving new sources of revenue. 

Analyzing location data is critical to understanding how the world around us affects our movements and decisions. When we recognize the need for obtaining location data, we begin to realize the smaller details that go into organizing big data to more actionable insights. 

Big data often comes with the added complication of sourcing a large amount of scattered data. This can be a time and resource consuming process which keeps you from prioritizing more important tasks at hand, such as using actionable data insights to drive better decisions.

Exploring Echo Analytics’ Places & Shapes data in Central London. Explore the map in full screen here.

Echo’s Places, Shapes, and Activity Datasets in the CARTO Data Observatory

CARTO partnered with Echo Analytics to find a solution to the problem of fragmented data which customers often experience. Echo Analytics  helps users gain critical insights of customers’ behavioral patterns and their surroundings. Their solutions are constructed around:

  • Locating the precise area of interest
  • Spotting building footprints
  • Providing mobility insights

The advantage of leveraging this kind of data is that all of the information is in one place, reducing the time analysts need to spend searching for, cleaning and formatting data.

Average weekly unique visitors in Central London at building level. Explore the map in full screen here.

CARTO users will now be able to access Echo’s data, such as Places, Shapes, and Activity, directly from our Data Observatory with the following benefits: 

  1. Places: Helps you collect crucial business information on the most relevant locations of your choice. It is built from a combination of public and private data sources, and uses proprietary algorithms and human verification systems to obtain the most accurate and updated business & geographical information of a Place. 
  2. Places & Shapes: With all the information gathered about a location that interests you, Shapes provides additional detailed information such as the building ID and building type. These are either represented in a polygon or shape highlighting the exact building footprint of the place. 
  3. Places & Activity: To help you know your customers better, the Activity dataset analyzes the latest trends, behaviors and patterns to interpret visitor frequency; where they come from, and where they are going to. This kind of quality data lets businesses reach their true potential by better understanding human mobility patterns.

Echo’s Places & Activity data for the UK; total visitor numbers are aggregated to H3 cells. Explore the map in full screen here.

Location Intelligence Combined with Precise Data Technology

Echo’s true potential lies in their focus on collecting, aggregating, and organizing data which significantly reduces a company’s time to source data. With this kind of information, businesses get a perspective of both their new potential customers as well as the new macro market that they are entering. It gives them an edge over their competitors as they have the knowledge to better target potential customers, tailor advertising campaigns, as well as reduce risks when it comes to initial investments.

At Echo Analytics we are excited to bring our data products to CARTO’s Data Observatory. We deeply believe that CARTO’s platform and Echo’s accurate geospatial data will make a real difference in adoption of Location Intelligence in the EU and US.

Co-founder & COO of Echo Analytics, Adam Ejsmont

We are delighted to partner with Echo Analytics and include their solutions in the CARTO Data Observatory. This not only gives us the opportunity to reach out to a larger customer base but to also democratize location data. We believe that Echo’s solutions come with true potential and are excited to enable more businesses to have access to their datasets.

Alejandra Aranzadi, Data Partnerships Lead at CARTO

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