EcoHack: a global event to improve our environment with technology and great ideas


EcoHack: Global event fostering environmental solutions through technology and creativity. Explore tools, visualizations, and storytelling for a better world.

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EcoHack: a global event to improve our environment with technology and great ideas

EcoHack is a global event to improve our environment using technology and great ideas. The aim is to build tools, create visualizations and tell stories about our environment and science to understand and protect it. If you are interested in science and technology, this is your event. Come with us to imagine and build projects to improve the world.

This is the third year the event takes place, and it has grown into a global event happening in 3 countries and 4 locations: New York  San Francisco  São Paulo and Madrid  on May 9-10.

In the past, EcoHack has hosted everything from creating data visualizations to building kites. We've seen people crack open a scientific database of plant species and we've seen people try build maps to help share news about forest loss. The format is flexible, the outcomes are meaningful  and the weekend is fun!

Go to for more info, and to register your project and ideas.

In this year's event CartoDB will give free resources to EcoHack's participants:

Free resources: we'll give a account with extra free resources for EcoHack participants. Stay tuned for details!

A free workshop (ES) on May 6 in Madrid on how to use CartoDB for hackathons. The perfect way to start hacking using CartoDB and be up to speed for when the weekend arrives! Stay tuned for more details and even more locations!