Enjoy the CartoDB FOSS4G NA Presentation Videos


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Enjoy the CartoDB FOSS4G NA Presentation Videos

CartoDB has been participating and sponsoring the premier conference on free and open source software for geospatial better known as FOSS4G-NA for several years now and this year hasn't been no exception!

This year we had three really fun talks at FOSS4G NA. If you have a little bit of time enjoy these two presentations and get some peeks into the future of CartoDB.

Machine Learning on Geospatial Datasets for Segmentation Prediction and Modeling

In the first presentation Stuart Lynn gives an exciting introduction to machine learning with a geospatial bent. The talk touches on a number of exciting research areas at CartoDB.

Beyond Mapping Population Density: Cartography for Big Data

In the second presentation Mamata Akella talks about her work to push the boundaries of web-cartography on the data layer. Much of her work is being actively pushed to future CartoDB releases so enjoy a lot of insights into areas you'll see play out in the future.

Wrapping up Python into a Cloud-based PostgreSQL

In the third presentation Stuart Lynn will show you how we are using Python in-DB at CartoDB to build powerful functionality directly into the platform you are already using.

Happy data mapping!