Foursquare POI & Foot Traffic Data now available in CARTO


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Foursquare, leaders in location technology, & the inclusion of its POI & foot traffic data in our Data Observatory

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Foursquare POI & Foot Traffic Data now available in CARTO

As we enter into the second year of a COVID-19 era  consumers are continuing to shift how they move through the physical world with the physical location of businesses and services in a continual state of change. Therefore having access to up-to-date and accurate spatial data is vital when making business decisions that can have a significant impact on an enterprise's bottom line.

One of our core missions at CARTO is to ensure our customers have access to multi-sourced  standardized  and cleansed location data so they can arrive at these decisions faster than ever before and with a higher degree of confidence. To that end we continue to expand the sources of high quality and carefully vetted data within our Data Observatory.

Today we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Foursquare  a leader in location technology and data  and the inclusion of their point-of-interest (POI) and foot traffic data in our Data Observatory.

Foursquare Places

Foursquare's global POI data  known as Foursquare Places  is based on over 46 000 sources  validated by millions of consumers  and is trusted by the likes of Samsung  Uber  Twitter  and Airbnb.

A graphic showing availability and update frequency of Foursquare Places data

Foursquare Places allows you to choose from core attributes such as name and address to define a location. Rich attributes like photos  ratings  tips  and reviews can be included to enrich your understanding of that place itself.

Key variables (see all):

  • POI name
  • Address and contact details
  • Social media handles
  • POI categorisation and Chain name
  • Rating  Popularity and Price category

Foursquare Visits

Location data allows you to outperform the market by forecasting trends sooner. Foot traffic data can offer insights for effective site selection strategy and territory mapping  to investment strategies  and more. Foursquare Visits will reveal movement trends and purchasing patterns to drive your business' growth.

Key variables (see all):

  • Venue name
  • Day and time of visits
  • Visitor age and gender
  • Number of visitors
  • Dwell time

Want to see how easy it is to enrich your maps with Foursquare POI and foot traffic data? Check out the video guide below.

Our Head of Data  Javier Perez Trufero  reflected on this partnership:

   {% include icons/icon-quotes.svg %}    Foursquare has been a name synonymous with location technology and data for over a decade and we are very excited about the inclusion of its leading POI and foot traffic data within our ever expanding Data Observatory. This partnership gives our customers the ability to extract valuable insights from their data for purposes such as site selection  geomarketing  market analysis  and more.    

Foursquare's Senior Director of Channel Partnerships  Arjun Reddy also commented:

   {% include icons/icon-quotes.svg %}    CARTO is an innovative Location Intelligence platform  and its focus on offering developer-friendly tools and products aligns with Foursquare's vision for the future of enterprise-grade location technology and data. This partnership will help our customers make accurate geospatial decisions and accelerate innovation across their business.

If you are looking to understand more about how you might use Location Intelligence in your organization  you can explore our Customer Stories library here - or  you can speak to one of our spatial data experts to discuss potential use cases - simply contact us here.

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