Global Forest Watch - Only you can prevent closed data


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Global Forest Watch - Only you can prevent closed data


Global Forest Watch and Vizzuality have come together to make visualizing ecological data in maps that much more useful and effective. CartoDB is excited to take part in GFW's mission in forest preservation.

Whether you're a journalist scientist policy-maker campaigner or community organizer Global Forest Watch offers a growing number of tools and apps. Did you know that GFW allows you to calculate forest change statistics within a user defined area subscribe to tree cover loss alerts view and download data for a specific country?

GFW apps are customized web tools to meet the unique information needs of a specific audience. For example the GFW Commodities app enables companies to monitor deforestation in supply chains of major commodities like palm oil. The GFW Fires app helps governments in Southeast Asia to rapidly respond to fires and haze. Upcoming is the Forest Watcher app which will allow local communities and forest rangers to access GFW alerts from their mobile phones.

Using CartoDB’s sync feature and the import API Global Forest Watch has almost automated the process of adding and updating datasets from heterogeneous sources. Soon there will be raster datasets in GFW hosted by CartoDB.

GFW launched nearly one year ago and is not just a forest monitoring platform. It is part of a growing global movement seeking transparency innovation and action to conserve and sustainably manage the world’s remaining forests.

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