Improvements to CARTO’s Direct SQL Connectivity


Our Direct SQL Connector now allows easy connection to apps such as Tableau & Power BI using native PostgreSQL connectors, & from SaaS solutions, such as Looker

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Improvements to CARTO’s Direct SQL Connectivity

Here at CARTO we continue to invest in features to improve customer connectivity allowing enterprise clients to have a smooth experience working between their existing cloud Data Science and Business Intelligence solutions.

You may remember that a few months ago we launched the beta version of our new Direct SQL Connection feature which allows external applications to connect to the CARTO database.

For several months this feature has been tried and tested by many CARTO users and based on their valuable feedback we have incorporated the following key enhancements to the solution:

  • Customers can now connect to CARTO from the full range of SaaS analytical solutions with support for PostgreSQL.
  • Users can now also connect to CARTO from desktop applications using native PostgreSQL connectors without support for transport layer security (TLS) client authentication.

Our dashboard now offers users the flexibility to connect to your CARTO database from any IP address and TLS client authentication certificates are no longer mandatory.

Screenshot showcasing the Direct SQL Connection configuration within the dashboard

Direct SQL Connection available through the CARTO dashboard.

With these version enhancements users can now easily connect to CARTO from desktop applications such as Tableau or Power BI using native PostgreSQL connectors and from SaaS solutions such as Looker. You can read more about this on our connectivity page.

How to get started

A stable version is now available for all enterprise customers. Go to the settings page in your dashboard and follow our simple instructions to set up a new connection. You can also find information about the new Direct SQL Connection in the CARTO Help Center. If you’re an enterprise client you can also contact your Customer Success Manager should you need any help.

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