Introducing CARTO Heat Maps


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Introducing CARTO Heat Maps

Today we're releasing an all-new type of heat map that brings the classic thematic map to CARTO users with a modern twist.

CARTO Heat Maps leverage the power of Torque to transfer very large datasets to the client to efficiently render and publish.

Torque Heatmap in the UI

Fast beautiful design

The combination of heat maps and Torque has allowed us to integrate beautiful static heatmaps into the CARTO Editor that you can design and customize quickly.


Animated heat maps like never before

As map aficionados may have already noticed CARTO Heat Maps can be animated! We leveraged the temporal capabilities of the Torque library to bring animation to heat maps efficiently and beautifully. You can use the CartoCSS styling tool to cut and style temporal data in amazing new ways.

Other great examples

CARTO Heat Maps are already in your account start using them today! For some inspiration take a look at [this map made by Chicago Sun-Times] or take a look at the map below to see a real farmer working with Agroguía.

The feature is continuation of a lot of work started by Mapnik and Leaflet.js it's awesome. Have fun and show us what you come up with!