Javier sits down with Data Driven NYC to talk about location intelligence


Explore the intersection of everything and everywhere with location intelligence. CEO Javier de la Torre shares insights at FirstMark's Data Driven NYC event.

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Javier sits down with Data Driven NYC to talk about location intelligence



CartoDB at Data Driven NYC


Everything happens somewhere and CartoDB understands that location intelligence is everywhere. Where is the intersection of everything and everywhere? The simple answer is location intelligence  a market that CartoDB leads. We know that the location intelligence market is rapidly changing  with 80% of data having a location component  but only 10% of organizations and companies making use of it. CartoDB wants to change that.

CEO and co-founder  Javier de la Torre presented at FirstMark’s Data Driven NYC on February 16  2016. Javier’s talk provided real examples of using location data to solve complicated problems.

 partner at FirstMark  for an informative Q & A on how CartoDB and location intelligence are disrupting everything  somewhere.


Data Driven NYC is a monthly event covering big data and data-driven products and startups  hosted by Matt. FirstMark is an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City.

CartoDB is the next generation location intelligence and data visualization engine that enables the transformation of location data into insights. Discover how CartoDB can provide the solutions and business intelligence you’ve been
looking for.

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