Malofiej Award to a CartoDB project


CartoDB and Vizzuality win bronze at 20th Malofiej Infographics Awards for RTVE's Spanish elections analysis project.

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Malofiej Award to a CartoDB project

RTVE elections 2011


The Jury of the 20th Malofiej International Infographics Awards  organized by SNDE  has given a bronze medal to a Spanish public television (RTVE) online project powered by CartoDB and developed by Vizzuality -the company behind CartoDB.  

The international jury met in the School of Communication of the University of Navarra from March 18th to 21th. The Awards have been given on Friday  23th March  at the end of the 20th Infographics World Summit  which has put together more than 200 professionals from all around the world. There were 1.356 entries from 29 countries.

The project developed by Vizzuality  called "Microcospio del voto" ("Spanish voting under the microscope")  is an analysis of data from the last national elections held in Spain. You can read RTVE's release on the award here (in Spanish).

Gold medals went to The New York Times (4) (2)  National Geographic Magazine (1) and Internet Group do Brasil iG (1). You can read the full list of awards here(pdf).