Maptime's year of pizza year-end update


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Maptime's year of pizza year-end update

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Earlier this year we announced a pizza-love fueled commitment to supporting our worldwide Maptime communities. From our very own Maptime meetup in New York City we found that the best way to inspire great work and foster community was by coming together around the workspace table and whirring laptops to enjoy delicious pizza and talk maps. We wanted to make this experience a worry-free staple in everyone's Maptime meetup. This is why we committed to donating every pizza for every Maptime everywhere for a whole year and we're only half way done!

In the past 6 months Maptimers everywhere worked to build amazing things in everything from better pothole maps in Austin TX:

To Twitter storm tracking by our friends at Code For Miami:

To mapping the Maptime-sheds themselves:

Almost 6 months later we've fed over 48 meetups across the world with over 1.480 slices of delicious cheesy pie! Talk about fat and happy (or fat and mappy)! We couldn't be happier to share our love for mapping and pizza with the Maptime community and rest assured this is only the beginning to our commitment to mapping communities everywhere. Stay tuned and as always…

Happy data mapping!!!