CartoDB & Maptime: Let There Be Pizza!


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CartoDB & Maptime: Let There Be Pizza!

At CartoDB we love our mapping communities. With Maptime being one of our favorite gatherings - and a catalyzer of mapping culture not only in CartoDB's home of New York City but across the world - We felt it was time to give a big pizza slice shaped thank you to all the map-building pizza-loving folks that have elevated Maptime as a staple in cartographic culture.

For the entire month of March CartoDB had the honor of buying pizza for an entire globe of Maptime mappers from Los Angeles to our Maptime hosted in CartoDB's own New York City office and many places in between (no matter which way you travel). Needless to say the CartoDB sponsored pizza-fueled March of Maptime was a huge success. Rejoice!

It was a real treat to give back to the friends and colleagues that have made such a vibrant mapping community a reality. Our team here at CartoDB loves to learn teach and help spread the love we share for mapping and data visualization with everyone. Speaking of which here's an interesting MaptimeSheds map made by Maptimer Keith Jenkins that shows just how may different Maptimes we aimed to support with cheesey goodness.

We're always looking for ways to elevate our fellow mappers in creative ways. Stay in contact Share your maps and stay tuned for more ways we're co-creating a culture of mapping!

Thanks and Happy Mapping!