NACIS and beyond - A fall full of conferences and workshops


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NACIS and beyond - A fall full of conferences and workshops

Well it is the start of a long stretch of Fall conferences and events where we will be demonstrating how to use CartoDB andtalking the future of our platform. Tomorrow we'll kick it all off with NACIS in Greenville South Carolina. It is the first time we have been able to get to NACIS heck it's the first time we've been to a lot of these events. If you are planning on coming to one be sure to check out one of our workshops or presentations. We look for seeing you in person!

NACIS Conference - Greenville SC

October 9 2013. Presentation at the Practical Cartography Day
October 12 2013. CartoDB Intro Workshop

ONA Conference - Atlanta GA

October 17-19 2013. Hands on demonstrations and Q&A

Texas GIS Forum - Austin TX

October 23 2013. Presentation - CartoDB for Goverment
October 24 2013. CartoDB Intro Workshop

EcoHack - New York San Francisco São Paulo

November 8-9 2013. Our annual event is back and global!

Strata - London UK

November 11 2013. Presentation: The power of visualizing deforestation data

GeoMundus - Barcelona ES

November 16 2013. Presentation: CartoDB and storytelling keynote

Smart Cities - Barcelona ES

November 19-21. Presentation

Yale - New Haven CT

Pending - December 9th 2013. Workshop

IREG - Philadelphia PA

Pending - December 11th 2013. Presentation