Nepal Coverage: Mapping Quake and Rescue


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Nepal Coverage: Mapping Quake and Rescue

This past Saturday an epic earthquake [devastated Nepal] resulting in a profound death toll and an impressive response from the [humanitarian] and [crisis-mapping community].

We'll be updating this post with continuous maps focused on the Nepal region the aftermath of the tremors and the humanitarian response flooding media reports and Twitter testimonies globally. Read on for a summary of some informative maps and some how-tos on embedding maps in your next report.

Updates as of 6/27/15 22:50 EST.

Mapping Nepal: Search and Rescue

Multiple CartoDB users and fellow crisis mappers build visualizations of the USGS feed data on earthquake magnitude in Nepal.

Among these @asheshwor built a magnitude map illustrating Nepal earthquakes by magnitude and time:

For a Torque review of the progressive quakes populating across Nepal over the weekend @srogers put together a map of quakes by magnitude as well:

He and the team at Google also compiled an after-map illustrating humanitarian and search response post-quake:

For an understanding of the impact and some shareable data on the shake-rates of Nepalese provinces take a look at this map of the concentric shake developments post-quake:

Feel free to use and distribute the USGS' shake perimeter lines available in this map and applied as a layer to its precedent.

For far-view perspective on earthquake magnitude over 4.5 throughout South Asia in 2015 take a look at [this Torque map] from @kristianjensen5.

For scope on the to-date destruction level check out this map by @santiagoa (using the Stamen humaniterrain tiles mentioned below under "Share your Story").

For a human population effect estimates by district in Nepal check out this map and its affiliated population data set courtesy of OCHA's emergency response team:

Code for Nepal also put together a solid but chilling blogpost and map about the death toll counts by district throughout Nepal with particular devastation noted in the Kathmandu and Sindhupalchok districts.

Satellite Imagery to Save Lives

We're partnering with Digital Globe to provide free satellite images of Nepal from the past few days and to track recovery and rescue efforts in the days to come. Stay tuned for updates on the availablity of those data and feel free to reach out to Aurelia and Santiago for support in integrating those satellite images with your reports. Take a look at the New York Times before and after imagery from Nepal for a view of what's possible in satellite.

If you would like to help out in the immediate check out the [Tomnod crowdsourced mapping campaign] for Nepal! See below for an assessment map built with Digital Globe imagery and Tomnod data via our user @geosprocket. Likewise the Standford GeoSpatial Center has assembled a list of resources for Nepal mappers.

Share your Story

Curious about embedding a map of Nepal in your next report blog or dispatch? It's as easy as copying an embed code from one of the maps above or one of your own:


Stamen also produced a great humanitarian basemap layer 'humaniterrain ' for HOT maps which you can read about here; and add it to your CartoDB map by uploading your own basmap paste the following link in the XYZ category as below in the gif.



Interested in helping out? Check out the Open Street Map running tasks on their Nepal wiki.

Stay Tuned!