Now in CARTO: NielsenIQ data for building powerful CPG insights


Access powerful CPG insights with NielsenIQ data, now available in CARTO! Visualize trends, optimize strategies, and make confident decisions. 

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Now in CARTO: NielsenIQ data for building powerful CPG insights

Today we are excited to announce that CARTO has joined the NielsenIQ Partner Network. As a member of NielsenIQ Partner Network, we now offer streamlined access to NielsenIQ's sales and marketing data via our spatial analytics platform.

Through this collaboration, NielsenIQ's comprehensive data products, encompassing over 600 granular market views and 300 categories across multiple country channels, will be seamlessly integrated within the CARTO platform. This integration, with data products accessible as premium subscriptions through the Data Observatory, empowers CPG businesses with unparalleled visualization and analytical capabilities for data-driven decision-making.

By seamlessly integrating NielsenIQ's data directly into the CARTO platform, users can now:

  • Visualize market trends and patterns across various geographies and categories with ease. Understand the size of markets, importance of players, evolutions. Learn what your competitors do - where they’re strong, where they’re weak - and adjust your strategy to win.
  • Extract actionable insights to optimize through a unique interactive mapping front-end to develop strategies on priority countries, product offerings, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies.
  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence, fueled by NielsenIQ's trusted and comprehensive information that is fully harmonized across categories and countries.

Explore some of this data in the map below - or open in full screen here.

"Our data is extremely valued by our core clients to better understand opportunities by country. Embedding this business-critical information into CARTO’s interactive maps offers, to a broader audience, a more intuitive and user-friendly way to explore and discover NielsenIQ reliable and up-to-date information."

Ronald Goudsmit, NielsenIQ’s VP of Product Leadership

"Clients turn to us for unmatched data quality and global reach in our Data Observatory. NielsenIQ's data fuels this advantage. We're excited for our clients to explore the data's potential within our platform empowering them to make important business decisions with confidence."

Javier Perez Trufero, CARTO's VP of Product

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