Congratulations Scene Near Me! filming locations in NYC


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Congratulations Scene Near Me! filming locations in NYC

The Award Ceremony for the NYC BigApps3.0 competition was held yesterday. Ninety-six apps were submitted to this city-run contest that encourages developers to play with government data. There were 4 apps that we know! using CartoDB: | Scene Near Me | | NYC Datascape

These are all great examples of applications showcasing what can be do with public data specially geospatial.

We are delighted to hear that Scene Near Me was awarded second place in the Popular Choice Award.

Scene Near Me is a great example of how CartoDB can help you to store and query data in real time. Whenever you check in with Foursquare within a quarter mile of a NYC film location Scene Near Me will shoot you a text message letting you know what movie was filmed near you. All data about filming locations made public by NYC Open Data initiative is stored in CartoDB and fetched in real time by the users.

We've written about "your taxi traveling companion" an amazing app developed by Alastair Coote. It uses CartoDB to store and query street intersections for any address in the city -don't forget to download it if you are in NYC or planning a trip to the city.

The NYC BigApps3.0 is the largest open government initiative of its kind and provides access to more than 700 city data sets. You can check the other 11 winners of the NYC BigApps3.0. We are very happy to have participated as partner APIs and have helped several of the projects. We are more excited than ever on working with the NY Tech Scene specially when working around Open Data.

See you next year!