Properati using CartoDB to Harness Valuable Real Estate Insights


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Properati using CartoDB to Harness Valuable Real Estate Insights

Real estate is a great sector to leverage deep insights using location intelligence. Properati a property search portal with a strong presence in Latin America aims to improve the experience of purchase sale and rental of real estate. Currently the site operates in Argentina Brazil Chile Mexico and Colombia with over one million properties listed.

Using CartoDB Properati developed an [analysis] of property values in San Pablo Brazil. This visualization indicates home and commercial real estate values measured against other properties in the same neighborhood.

As cities move to urbanize and meet the demands of growing populations biking has become a major movement as it becomes increasingly important for people to bike commute to and from work and home.

[Here] are two data visualizations that depict all the properties for sale or rent that are close to the bike paths in Curitiba Brazil and whether the streets are close to the bikeways.

Ultimately Properati’s goal is to assist buyers and enable them to make rational decisions based on market data and sellers so they can better know their customers and interpret their property searches. When looking for a property using Properati and the CartoDB platform you can see list prices for each property the price per square meter per neighborhood the type of property in the area whether the neighborhood is commercial or residential proximity to green spaces and public transport. You can view all this information and more block by city block in Sao Paulo Brazil.

We love to see great examples of location intelligence and big data applied to all sectors! Take a look at Properati’s [open data portal] and CartoDB’s gallery for inspiration.

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Happy data mapping!