San Diego's StreetsSD Paves Way to a Smart City


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San Diego's StreetsSD Paves Way to a Smart City

CARTO continues fostering the development of smart cities with open data at the local level and global level. We are very excited to share with you another smart cities initiative from the City of San Diego - an interactive data visualization charting road repairs across the city.

San Diego's Performance and Analytics Department unveiled StreetsSD an interactive map allowing San Diego residents to track the progress of the Mayor's infrastructural pledge to repair 1 000 miles of city streets by 2020. StreetsSD individually assesses city streets alongside the Overall Condition Index (OCI) whose 100-point based system classifies streets as "Good" (score between 70-100) "Fair" (40-69 score between 40-69) or "Poor" (0-39 score) to help prioritize repairs over the next five years. Municipal residents can use StreetsSD not only to find street rankings and the status of scheduled repairs but also repair type for a designated street--asphalt paving/overlay/inlay concrete or slurry seal.

"This is one of the most innovative and capable online street maps of any major U.S. city because it makes detailed information about our roads and road repairs available with just a click or tap " says Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer in a statement on the StreetsSD initiative. "[I]t updates automatically so residents have the most accurate data on streets in every neighborhood. We've got all this great information about streets and now we're sharing it with the public through this really cool tool that makes it easy for everyone to access."

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San Diego joins major cities around the world such as New York and London as it begins to incorporate deep insights from open data while implementing transparent city-wide management projects. "StreetsSD is just another in a series of civic engagement tools the City has recently deployed that uses our data to improve San Diegans' experience when they connect with City Hall " stated Almis Udrys Director of the Performance & Analytics Department. "With the support of Mayor Faulconer and the City Council San Diego is really turning a corner on understanding its data and using it to enhance transparency efficiency and accountability."

CARTO has always been committed to democratizing open-data knowledge and we remain steadfast in supporting more smart city initiatives. If you are attending International Open Data Conference 2016 next week in Madrid then make sure to attend our co-sponsored pre-event the Open Cities Summit to learn more about how CARTO's location intelligence can help enhance your next smart cities initiative.

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