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Understand how is using CARTO to manage and plan their field operations to bring their sustainable biodigester to the world’s smallholders.

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The Circular Economy is a cornerstone of sustainability. It’s defined as a model of production and consumption where the lifecycle of materials and products is extended. This can be achieved through sharing  reusing  refurbishing and recycling (European Parliament). The aim of this is to reduce waste while deriving further value from every single thing. is an organization which absolutely encapsulates what the Circular Economy is all about. They produce and install biodigesters for smallholder farmers around the world. The biodigesters turn animal manure into fertilizer and biogas  an infinitely more sustainable - and circular - process than burning the alternatives: charcoal  firewood or Liquid Petroleum Gas - LPG. circular economy graphic

The Circular economy at

CARTO recently caught up with Maxence Affre - Technical Director at - to hear more about how Location Intelligence has transformed their business operations.

About’s mission is to drive sustainability through transforming waste into energy. As well as having economic  air quality and waste reduction benefits for farmers  their solution also decreases the need for chemical fertilizers and improves health  as the alternative (charcoal and firewood burners) would typically be placed inside homes with little ventilation.

Founded in 2011  they have installed over 35 000 biodigesters across Latin America  Africa and Asia  providing benefits to over 220 000 people! Check out some of the other amazing ways they’re changing the world below or read more about how they’re contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on their website.

Impact KPIs

As the smallest solution starts at approximately $1 000 also provides customers with interest-free financing for the solution. According to their estimates  the cost savings from investing in the system mean most customers are able to pay these loans back within 1-2 years.

In addition to the system and finances offers training  installation and support services. All of these activities - as well as their door-to-door sales and promotional activities - makes for complex and wide-ranging operations  and that’s where CARTO & Location Intelligence comes in.

Location Intelligence at is a global company that operates on a hyper-local level. Their sales  credit  installation and training programmes span 3 continents  but operate on an individual  business-to-customer basis. They’ve been CARTO users since 2017  prior to which their scale of operations was much smaller and could be handled with more traditional business intelligence tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Excel. As the scale of their operations increased  so did the size of their data and their need for efficient processes. Enter CARTO.

Location Intelligence for Operations Planning

Kenya Operation Planning Map

With operations spanning such a large geographical area  it’s crucial for to be able to optimize the activities of their field staff  whether that’s their credit  installation  sales or training teams. Most of these processes are managed in Salesforce and transferred to CARTO through an ETL process; read more about CARTO integrations with the Salesforce CRM here. visualizes all existing and pending biodigester installations  empowering the staff to make informed decisions on their team resourcing and activities. With over 15 000 existing digester locations on one map (and over 30 000 yet to come by 2023) - as well as dynamic widgets and user-selected styling - CARTO’s ability to handle big data is absolutely crucial for

Analytics & Market Strategy

Heat map regions is a company committed to growth and improving the lives of an increasing number of farmers with their biodigester system. In order to do this  they need to know where they currently have a strong market presence  and where they could be expanding. Visualizing their existing customer base - such as through heatmaps in the example above - is a fantastic way to quickly build location into strategy.

Where next for

As continues to grow  they have ambitions to further leverage Location Intelligence with CARTO to support and enhance their operations. In particular  they are keen to increase their usage of CARTO’s Analytics Toolbox to further deepen their insight into their operations. For instance  the routing module could help improve the efficiency of their field teams  through route optimization or building isolines (drive-time catchments).

They are keen to explore how they can grow their activities through Geomarketing  i.e. location-based targeted marketing activities. The 11 000 datasets in CARTO’s Spatial Data Catalog are of great benefit to Geomarketing analytics  in particular offering insights on human mobility and demographics. These can be used to identify locations with a large number of target customers  which can be further quantified through functions such as Getis-Ord (i.e. hot spot identification) in the Statistics module. This function empowers users to identify and - importantly - quantify hotspots of potential customers  enabling them to target marketing and sales activities.

Location Intelligence for Sustainable business models

Location Intelligence is a fundamental tool for the success of any business model  particularly those with hyper-local geographies. embracing Location Intelligence allows them to operate more efficiently and therefore target - and help - more customers. It also empowers them to be a confidently forward-thinking company  enabling them to define where the next customers are who will have their lives changed by’s amazing technology.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Maxence Affre for sharing’s story with us! We can’t wait to see where their amazing journey leads to next. If you’re interested in learning more about their story  make sure you drop by

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