Take your city to the next level with our webinar


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Take your city to the next level with our webinar
Smart Cities Webinar

The ideal intelligent city model is one where technology and data serves the goal of improved standards of living sustainable use of resources and pollution reduction. And location data has a critical role to play in getting there.

For officials and citizens looking at planning and metrics for water traffic management lighting and construction integration of information from city departments is necessary. Data must be presented in accessible formats for efficient management and response times.

Municipalities must manage these services across geographic areas—and the ability to harness real-time data is essential for understanding and analysis. In cities around the world local authorities are looking for ways to maximize shrinking resources—to do more more efficiently and to use data for informed decision-making.

[See] how CartoDB is essential in this process uniting real time location intelligence analysis and dynamic visualisations in one user-friendly platform.

If you want to learn how to incorporate location intelligence in the planning of your city register for our free webinar on December 10th

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This [webinar] is hosted by our very own Santiago Giraldo Civic Technologist at CartoDB. He has seen first-hand the significant role that technology and design have played in creating and sharing new knowledge. Watch the carousel he has created for us!

Also our own Eric Bean is hosting a general webinar on December 17th. He will help you to learn how to visualize your data in your organization produce data-driven visualizations and get useful insights from your location-based data. Do you want to register for this general webinar? Click here.

We hope you enjoy our webinars!

Happy data mapping!