Smarter Investment Decisions for Workspace Providers: The Instant Group


Make smarter investment decisions for flexible workspace with The Instant Group’s Coworkintel platform, powered CARTO.

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Smarter Investment Decisions for Workspace Providers: The Instant Group

What’s the most important factor behind the success of a flexible working space? Anyone in the industry will tell you it’s location. Whether it’s understanding demand, accessibility, competition or real estate costs - where you decide to operate is the most significant decision you will make.

That’s why The Instant Group is putting location at the center of their industry-leading solution: Coworkintel.

About Coworkintel

To address these challenges, The Instant Group has enhanced their data and insights platform with a new feature: Find New Locations, built on CARTO’s Location Intelligence platform. This tool equips flexible work providers with the insights they need to make informed, data-led decisions quickly and effectively.

A screenshot of the Coworkintel platform
The Coworkintel platform

Flexible workspace providers can leverage this tool to undertake:

  • Site selection by analyzing site-specific data for over 40,000 coworking and flexible workspace locations. Users can explore supply, demand, occupancy, and pricing trends, as well as gain insights into optimal locations for new flexible workspaces.
  • Explore global market trends through identifying emerging markets and enabling informed expansion strategies. Access data for over 2,000 cities worldwide!
  • Pricing strategy delivery by assessing competitor pricing and popularity across different service tiers (high-end, mid-range, economical).
  • Performance benchmarking, giving users the ability to analyze market dominance of flexible workspace providers across various markets, offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making and performance evaluation.

Beyond flexible workspace providers, Coworkintel also helps landlords identify whether their building and assets would be suitable as a flexible workspace by helping them to understand the local supply and demand landscape. Landlords can also leverage Coworkintel to develop pricing and marketing strategies targeted to specific locations.

Democratizing Location Intelligence for flexible workspace providers

The new approach that The Instant Group has taken gives decision makers direct access to the data and information they need. The key benefits to their approach are:

  1. Reduced time-to-insight: the ability to build intuitive maps with CARTO enables them to simplify complex datasets, providing decision-makers with direct access to critical market insights. These visualizations enable swift decisions on new flexible workspace locations. The dashboard has been designed with the map as the focal point, allowing the user to easily derive geographic context for the data which builds trust in the insights they are obtaining.
  2. Streamlined Data Access: the user-friendly interface allows for effortless access to and analysis of market conditions in specific neighborhoods. This accelerates decision-making, empowering flexible workspace providers to adapt rapidly to changing market dynamics.
  3. Robust Privacy Controls: due to the commercial sensitivity of the data involved in building this solution, The Instant Group has incorporated data-driven styling into the dashboard to highlight only locations which passed the required privacy threshold.
A screenshot of the Coworkintel platform
Location-specific analytics

The new feature not only enhances decision-making for their users, but also unlocks new customer segments and revenue streams for The Instant Group. By providing detailed, user-friendly insights into specific market conditions, they can expand their market reach to more flexible workspace providers and landlords to their platform.

Using the CARTO platform has been a real game-changer for us at The Instant Group. Our developers jumped right in with hardly any onboarding and found it easy to integrate the platform with our data warehouse, which has really streamlined our processes. This has allowed us to develop a solution which makes it so much easier for our users to navigate and visualize complex commercial real estate data, with the insights we provide to our clients clearer and more precise.

Jean-Noel Escande, Backend Engineer at Coworkintel

Developing apps for CARTO for React

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By leveraging CARTO, The Instant Group has empowered their users with an easier way of accessing flexible working insights, accelerating the decision-making processes and driving business growth. Would you like to learn more about this tool? Sign up for The Instant Group’s upcoming webinar here to learn more!

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