Spotify’s Musical Map of the World - Bringing the Hits!


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Spotify’s Musical Map of the World - Bringing the Hits!

Data-driven visualizations are a compelling method to engage audiences in some of the most unconventional ways. How exactly does charting the musical preferences of your global users turn into one of the most web trafficked visualizations on your platform?

Spotify an award-winning digital music service fused geographic analysis and user data to discover musical trends all around the world and increase brand awareness through a cost effective solution!

Media and creative agencies can save time and money by adding spatial analytics to their ventures. Using CartoDB’s location and data analysis platform Spotify created The Musical Map of the World a data-driven visualization that spatially represents millions of user playlists.

Spotify was able to focus on the creation of new custom content and now Spotify subscribers can see their global musical influences and compare their tastes abroad.

Discover how Spotify used CartoDB to engage subscribers and get millions of views:

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CartoDB’s location intelligence enriches marketing and creative agencies with deep insights from geographical and customer data. To learn more about how CartoDB helped Spotify harness the power of location intelligence download our case study today.

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