LUCA and CARTO to work together bringing location to the next frontier of big data


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LUCA and CARTO to work together bringing location to the next frontier of big data

The ability to derive actionable insights from the analysis of big data is a huge component to success for any telecommunications company. Big data is typically defined as having an inordinate amount of velocity volume and variety of data which more often than not contains a location element. Therefore to perform a holistic analysis of Big Data requires location contextualization. Telefónica a multinational telecommunications service provider is now working with CARTO to do just that.

Telefónica is collaborating with CARTO to add location intelligence to the wealth of data that Telefónica has access to. CARTO will work with Telefónica to develop new and integrated products within their newly announced Big Data business LUCA. LUCA will enable Telefónica’s corporate clients to understand and derive value from their data encouraging its transparent and responsible use.

One of the first examples of the partnership is this dashboard showing international and national tourists attraction to Spain which highlights tourism influx through visual-spatial representation (the more pronounced the point and line the more tourists). The dashboard enables toggling between countries and temporal settings which facilitates the descriptive analysis of nearly 90 000 records. Ultimately this data-driven analysis can lead to the simple prediction of when and where tourists are likely to come from in the future providing valuable insights for businesses and public organizations.

CARTO and Telefónica have a rich history of working with Telefónica on other data-driven projects. For example CARTO is used as an integrated intelligence layer to illuminate insights from Smart Steps’ aggregated behavioural data collected from anonymized mobile devices. The observation of behaviour based on billions of mobile interactions that occur daily enables analysis to be performed by transport operators city planners retailers banking institutions and marketers.

Telefónica’s development of the FIWARE connector for CARTO has enabled many European Union cities to access CARTO’s visualization and analysis tools for sensor data to promote the development of Smart Cities applications based on open standards and open source code.

In addition to this partnership and collaboration CARTO is part of Open Future which manages the portfolio of investments made by Telefónica.

“We are delighted to be working with CARTO to develop new capabilities together to offer to our customers that will enable them to become data-driven companies” said Philip Douty LUCA Director of Alliances and Strategic Partnerships “we strongly believe that through working with Alliance Partners such as CARTO we will enrich and broaden the LUCA portfolio and increase its appeal to our clients.”

“It is wonderful to have Telefónica as a loyal partner throughout the years ” says Miguel Arias COO of CARTO. “From the very beginning Telefónica has believed in our team and product with their initial investment through Kibo Ventures an Amerigo ventures fund. In addition to having the continuous support and guidance of their corporate development team in finding new business opportunities within such a huge organization.”

Through this partnership and collaboration even more new products will be developed and mutually commercialized. This is a great opportunity to expand the reach of CARTO’s technologies worldwide with incredible partners like Telefónica.

Happy big data mapping!