We're Uncle Sam Approved! Federal-friendly Terms of Use


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We're Uncle Sam Approved! Federal-friendly Terms of Use

Great news for everyone in the US Federal Government who loves maps! CartoDB has agreed with the General Services Administration (GSA) the agency responsible for coordinating procurement across all federal agencies to a set of >“federal friendly” Terms of Use for Federal government users. You might say we're as wholesome as apple pie.

CartoDB has agreed with the Government Services Administration (GSA)

Federal agencies around the country can now use CartoDB in a way that complies with federal law and government contracting rules without the need to individually create specific arrangements with CartoDB.

Many government activities depend on location-based data whether environmental housing demographic or otherwise and CartoDB is already used by public servants at all levels from New York City government to the folks at the National Park Service. These new terms make it quicker and simpler for Federal staff to create accounts and start mapping.

Are you a federal employee who has created a cool map? Let us know!