Thank you, Explorers, Inquisitive Minds, and Partners!


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Thank you, Explorers, Inquisitive Minds, and Partners!

As we ease into 2016 we feel reflective about the changes and their magnitude in our industry. For instance just a few of weeks ago one of the most popular geospatial initiatives came to an end with Google deprecating Google Maps Engine (GME). In response CartoDB created a platform that works with Google Cloud which offered Google’s clients the option to stay in the same Google ecosystem while providing a seamless transition to the most similar platform to GME.

Yet it still seems like yesterday when we launched as an effortless tool for turning geospatial data into interactive maps. Since 2015 CartoDB has grown into a location intelligence software solution for deep geospatial analysis and visual data discovery providing features such as dynamic data filtering an ability to retrieve complex geospatial queries available on the cloud and on-premises.

Our evolution the flexible SQL API and new additional features made CartoDB the optimal replacement to the deprecated Google Maps Engine (GME). Organizations as diverse as New York City DoITT Royal Bank of Scotland T-Mobile Leroy Merlin Amtrak and Roads and Maritime Transportation of New South Wales have selected CartoDB as their alternative of choice.

Leading Google geo partners and technology solutions providers worldwide have joined forces with CartoDB to provide a viable alternative to GME - including among others CloudSherpas AppGeo NGIS Wabion Servinformación Onix Woolpert Snowdrop Solutions RichiTech Kartakkeskus and Noovle.

Additionally we expanded our Partners network Partners Management team developed several joint solutions in various verticals and celebrated a successful CartoDB15 with more beloved partners attending the conference than ever before representing several countries worldwide. We've made a commitment to providing even more support partner training and content focused on the developments of all our partners. This is just the beginning.

Our main objective in 2016 and beyond is to continue to expand our best-in-class leadership team support our partners worldwide and enhance our product to meet the demanding needs for enterprise companies. The global traction we’ve made in just the past year along with the sterling roster of industry leaders we’re working with is huge validation to the value we’re bringing. We’re thrilled to continue making waves with our core mission of democratizing location intelligence and helping people understand their world through the use of location data.

Thank you explorers inquisitive minds and awesome partners for your unconditional support!

Happy data mapping!