The NGO Aid Map—a new project powered by CartoDB


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The NGO Aid Map—a new project powered by CartoDB


We are excited to announce the launch of the NGO Aid Map an InterAction project developed by Simbiótica a partner of CartoDB. “aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualizations”.

This interactive map and database shows the data generated by nearly 3 000 projects and more than 80 organizations around the globe spanning sectors from health agriculture and economic development to education and even governance. The data comes from InterAction’s members who manage billions of dollars’ worth of public and private funding every year.

How CartoDB helps nonprofits communicate and develop their missions

Julie Montgomery Director of NGO Aid Map in her capacity as Director for Innovation and Learning at InterAction >describes in the project’s inaugural post her organization’s historical use of online maps: “For the past six years InterAction has been using online maps to help tell our members’ story. Today is important because we have launched a new global map on InterAction’s NGO Aid Map one that will allow us to tell this story as it applies to all countries and all sectors

She enumerates some of the reasons why online mapping in general helps their mission and why NGO Aid Map in particular matters to their work:

  1. NGO Aid Map is a tool for educating the world about the work of U.S. NGOs
  2. NGO Aid Map shows where the money goes
  3. NGO Aid Map improves decision-making
  4. NGO Aid Map gives context to project data
  5. NGO Aid Map encourages transparency

We find these outcomes laudable and inspiring and have no doubt that harnessing the power of CartoDB would also help countless other nonprofits reach the same results as InterAction.

CartoDB gives NGOs one of the best available mapping tool and platform to develop these kinds of projects: DIY mapping lets anyone in an organization visualize and analyze data—with seamless importing easy customizations data segmentation and public or private sharing—while our set of APIs allow developers to leverage the power of the CartoDB Platform to store data on the cloud without limits integrate visualizations in any web app with easy-to-use and flexible APIs and show data dynamically over maps.

Developed by Simbiótica a CartoDB partner

NGO Aid Map has been developed by Simbiótica a CartoDB Partner. The network of CartoDB Partners keeps growing and they develop more and more interesting projects using CartoDB. Do you develop applications or create visualizations and want to be a CartoDB Partner? Ping us!