Transforming Data Center Locations for Nautilus Data Technologies


Learn how we are collaborating with Google Cloud to provide Nautilus Data Technologies with an innovative solution for data center site selection and monitoring.

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Transforming Data Center Locations for Nautilus Data Technologies

Today we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Google Cloud to provide Nautilus Data Technologies with an innovative solution for data center site selection and monitoring. This cloud-native approach, combining CARTO’s platform with Google Cloud's BigQuery and Google Earth Engine data, optimizes the site selection process for Nautilus's advanced data center infrastructure.

Nautilus Data Technologies is a provider of cutting-edge data center infrastructure powered by zero water consumption technology. Their cutting-edge solutions enable AI and machine learning, allowing data centers worldwide to build sustainably and efficiently. They equip their partners with a data-driven approach to site selection, ensuring both sustainability and efficiency.

Scaling the manual site selection process

Nautilus faced the challenge of a tedious and manual process for selecting optimal sites for their partners' data centers. By partnering with CARTO and Google Cloud, Nautilus has revolutionized its approach to site selection, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

A screenshot of a CARTO map showing widgets and satellite imagery

Our integration with BigQuery provides the Nautilus team with scalable architecture to ingest and effortlessly visualize multiple data insights such as sea surface temperature, proximity to utilities and climate risks. Interactive widgets and tools like the Measure Distances and Feature Selection enhance their data-driven decision-making, allowing for more efficient and sustainable site selection.

Furthermore, the platform has been expanded to include site monitoring, enabling Nautilus to automate data updates and maintain consistent, scalable monitoring. This is made easier through the use of CARTO Workflows, our no-code tool for building and automating advanced spatial analysis. This ensures that Nautilus can promptly identify and address site changes, improving quality control and operational efficiency.

The results of this collaboration are impressive. Nautilus will achieve a 50% reduction in time taken for site selection and will significantly reduce operational overhead. This will enable them to evaluate more sites with greater precision and speed, ultimately leading to more sustainable and technologically advanced data center infrastructure for their partners.

We're excited to join forces with CARTO and Google Cloud, transforming how we select sites for our technology. This advanced solution not only speeds up our process but also aligns with our dedication to sustainability and technological progress. It allows us to equip our partners with data center infrastructure that's ready for AI and ML, while slashing water and power usage for next-level efficiency.

Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies

We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud and Nautilus Data Technologies to bring this innovative solution to the market. By leveraging the power of Location Intelligence & AI, we are helping Nautilus revolutionize the way they select and monitor sites for their data centers, ensuring sustainability, efficiency, and technological excellence at every step.

Javier de la Torre, Founder and CSO at CARTO

To see the solution in action, watch our video showcasing the revolution in data center site selection and monitoring:

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