Unleash the Power of Snowflake with our Latest Connector


Snowflake users can now easily import large spatial datasets from the cloud into CARTO, becoming the first Location Intelligence platform with native support.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Unleash the Power of Snowflake with our Latest Connector

A major barrier to extracting value from data and analytics is the complexity of siloed data sources and legacy systems. Enter Snowflake; a new breed of cloud data warehousing provider who are giving more and more users the performance  data security  and near-infinite scalability they have been looking for.

Snowflake recently announced geospatial data support in their Cloud Data Platform and CARTO has been actively collaborating with the Snowflake team to develop the seamless data workflows that facilitate spatial analysis.

We are therefore excited to announce the release of our latest connector  making CARTO the first Location Intelligence platform to support Snowflake natively.

Snowflake users can now easily import data from the cloud into the CARTO platform  keeping large datasets fully synchronized with a single  reliable source. The Snowflake connector can be accessed directly from our dashboard and also through our Import API.

Screenshot showing the Snowflake connector in action

Access the Snowflake connector through the CARTO dashboard.

How can the Snowflake Connector be used?

Our latest connector simplifies the spatial analysis of datasets stored in the cloud. Snowflake hosted data can be seamlessly imported into CARTO for enrichment  analysis  and map visualization. With this improved agility  customers can unlock the real value in their data much faster.  

How to get started

The feature is available in Beta today for all Enterprise customers. Just go to the new dataset page in your dashboard and request access to the Beta Snowflake Connector. Once you have been granted access  you can import a new dataset using the dashboard or through the Import API. You can find information about the new Snowflake Connector in the CARTO Help Center. Our team of Customer Success Managers are also there to help  should you require any support.And if you’d like more detailed information  look out for our upcoming Snowflake webinar in November!

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