CartoDB announces its visualization solutions for Smart Cities


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CartoDB announces its visualization solutions for Smart Cities

Smart Cities Dashboards by CartoDB

These past few days the Smart Cities Expo was taking place in Barcelona. CartoDB was at the CitiSense Conference and also presenting its mapping platform for Smart Cities Dashboards with New York City and Barcelona as our first case studies.

Visualizing data is key to analyzing and understanding what is happening in a city. It helps generate insights and enhances our ability to make to make informed decisions. From monitoring the inventory of public resources to geospatial analysis of real-time sensor data CartoDB helps cities to visualize and communicate everything transpiring in the city.

Providing easy integration with most existing data sources and third-party smart city platforms CartoDB is a flexible and robust visualization tool enabling cloud and on-premises implementations to meet the demanding requirements of IT teams in leading cities. The CartoDB Platform and APIs were developed and brought to life for the web facilitating easy fast and powerful integrations.

New York City uses CartoDB mapping tools to create its Smart City Dashboard

CartoDB is being used in cities like New York and Barcelona to power situation rooms and enable real-time dashboards offering a simple and direct solution to facilitate trend analysis and detect deviance in the key performance indicators of city as well as to implement geospatial alerts sensor control and inventory management. City dashboards built on top of CartoDB will work natively on desktops and mobiles allowing for seamless access from any device used by local officials.

Other cities such as Monterrey and Melbourne are using CartoDB to deploy cost-efficient geo-portals which enable citizens to browse the city’s open-data. With rules and regulations now in place making it mandatory to make public information accessible for citizens to consume it is imperative to make proper use of the visualization tools at our disposal to make sense of all that data. CartoDB meets all these demands and provides a cost-efficient platform to build and deploy geoportals.

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