We have released CartoDB 2.1! Enjoy multilayer maps and much more!


Discover CartoDB 2.1 – a major leap in mapping! New features, enhanced design, and multilayer support empower you to create stunning visualizations easily.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
We have released CartoDB 2.1! Enjoy multilayer maps and much more!

We have been working on the next big release of CartoDB for some months now. Affectionately given the title  2.1  this release is really a major step forward for the platform. We have added in tons of new features  design and usability improvements  and most of all  multilayer support. Multilayer support  in combination with new filters  new style wizards  and CartoDB’s built in SQL and CartoCSS capabilities will give you the ability to make some of the web’s most amazing maps.

cartodb 2.1 platform

Take a look at the short video we created for you below. It gives a quick  beginning to end  overview of how you can upload data to CartoDB  mix and merge multiple datasets into a single visualization and then publish that visualization on the web. We think these improvements are going to open the door for tons of new mappers to dive right into making amazing visualizations on the web. We worked hard to keep the interfaces simple  intuitive  and beautiful so that you can focus on your data and your mapping challenges.

We know that some of our users are already working on the next generation of maps  we’ve seen them  and we can’t wait to share them with you. Dive in today and get started on your own. As always  let us know what you think of changes to the platform and let us know about the visualizations you create. This has been a lot of work but we aren’t done yet  we are going to keep pushing forward so you can keep making innovative new maps.