We love your maps - here is 10x more space to keep them coming!


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We love your maps - here is 10x more space to keep them coming!

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The maps we have been seeing come from you lately have been amazing. We are seeing incredible projects like the Urban Reviewer insanely popular Twitter maps and the NGO Aid Map coming online everyday it seems. We love it and couldn't be more grateful for such an awesome and inspiring community of users. Now we want to make it easier for new users to see the full potential of CartoDB in your projects. Today we are announcing a 10x increase in space for free accounts! That's 50MBs to start mapping for free! These changes are immediate so if you are using a free account you should be able to login and see the update right now.

We think that our free accounts will go a long way for journalists NGOs and businesses to start seeing data come to life right away. In just our free account you get access to all the simplicity of data uploads styling wizards Torque and our new Odyssey.js tool. If you know users that have been reluctant to dive into CartoDB now is a great opportunity to get them started. If you haven't already sign-up today.

Don't forget CartoDB grows with you so if 50MB still isn't enough we've got accounts that will work. In addition to higher quotas paid accounts will still bring you increased privacy controls removable branding increased geocoding data solutions such as Twitter maps and more! Get in touch if you want to know how to make use of bigger accounts on our service.

For now though enjoy our greatly expanded free account and spread the word! Be sure to let us know what you build. We love your Tweets! (If you already had a CartoDB account your quota has been upgraded so take this opportunity to keep creating visualizations)

Happy mapping!