Welcome Eric


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Welcome Eric

Eric Bean

We're pleased to welcome Eric Bean to the Madrid contingent of the CartoDB team! He'll be souping up our customer relations with a slurry of financial services data analytics and management skills!

With a midwestern-to-Madrid background Eric toggled between both continents of our CartoDB teams. Following a few years of analytics consulting and statistical modeling on the West Coast he now joins Business Development as an Account Manager at CartoDB's Madrid headquarters.

Eric's affection for geo info grew out of his childhood in small-town Iowa where his father would routinely quiz him on political cartography and country capitals. Earning a D3 fútbol scholarship (not this D3 but this D3) to attend college in Los Angeles furthered his interest in economics data analysis and international law which Eric supplemented with a 6-month study in Madrid. In his free time Eric digs playing sports finding outdoor adventures and absorbing the social idiomatics that only avid travel and cultural exposure can provide.

Eric's affection for travel and spanish culture brought him back to Madrid in pursuit of a Master's in International Business last year.

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