Welcome Fran


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Welcome Fran

Francisco Dans

We're pleased to welcome Francisco Dans to the CartoDB team! He'll be animating bubbles everywhere with Torque.js.

Fran is from Galicia one of the most lovely places in Spain and just landed from London where he has been working as a freelance developer (altough his background is map design) for mapping companies the last year and a half. He is an active member of the OSM community since 2012.

He is currently working on Torque.js our library to render big timeseries data in the browser. We have pretty big plans for Torque this year starting with new ways of rendering animated datasets.

Fran is also a petrolhead loves motorbikes and dreams with each new Top Gear show. We hope he gets a proper car driving license this year :trollface:.

Follow his progress in GitHub and random stuff in Twitter

Welcome to the team!