Welcome Logan Winston


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Welcome Logan Winston

Logan Winston

A big howdy to Logan Winston our new Account Manager based in New York City!

Logan's interest in mapping goes way back: when he was growing up his home had a number of antique maps. But don't let his mild-mannered front fool you because Logan's adventures range from surveying in disaster zones to forest firefighting.

During his Master's in Urban Planning at the University of Michigan Logan become interested in renewable energy. He hopped around the American West working on wind energy development projects and in the process found a love of GIS.

His GIS consulting work led to business development in the solar power industry. A constant learner Logan is currently pursuing both a GIS certificate and an MBA and he's thrilled to have returned to New York "a place where you don't have to go far to touch the world."

When asked what brings him to CartoDB Logan says CartoDB offers "talented people a great mission and a beautiful product."

Logan is looking forward to helping our customers get more out of the CartoDB platform and we're really excited to have him join our team.

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