Introducing Workflows Templates: pre-built spatial analysis


Boost efficiency with CARTO Workflows Templates - no-code spatial analysis made easy. Explore pre-built templates for streamlined geospatial projects.

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Introducing Workflows Templates: pre-built spatial analysis

Ever experienced a 'skills bottleneck' in your geospatial team, relying on one member's SQL expertise for vital spatial analysis projects?

Not only does this reduce the team’s overall efficiency, but taking on larger projects may be challenging if there's a lack of expertise among team members.

In the era of modern geospatial analytics, no-code tools are gaining momentum to empower users to automate processes without specialized coding skills. Tools like our cloud-native solution, CARTO Workflows, allow users to utilize a visual, drag-and-drop interface to construct analytical algorithms intuitively. This democratizes spatial analysis, making it accessible to a broader audience compared to high-code alternatives.

An example of a CARTO Workflows templates showing nodes with data sources and processing components
A workflow template for telcos to develop an Emergency Response (download here).

To learn more about the benefits of no-code spatial analysis, check out our blog post.

What are Workflows Templates?

New to CARTO Workflows and not sure where to start? Enter our gallery of Workflows templates!

This collection of pre-built templates on CARTO Academy allows users to drag entire analytical procceses into their workspace without needing to build them from scratch. All of the Workflows are pre-loaded with data and can be used with any connected cloud data warehouse - you really can just drag, drop and go!

The gallery covers a wide range of scenarios, from the simple building blocks for your geospatial analysis to more complex, industry-specific workflows tailored to specific analytical use cases. Examples include filtering custom geographies for data preparation, calculating population statistics for telco network planning, creating a flood risk assessment for insurance, and much more!

A screenshot of the CARTO Academy showing where to find Workflows templates
Finding Workflows templates on the CARTO Academy

Designed to encourage users of all levels to create their own workflows, these practical examples are intended to help users quickly get up and running with their analysis. Our templates foster exploration, allowing users to experiment with and understand how different components are connected, gaining insights into the analytical process. Users can customize the workflows to their needs and adapt pre-built templates to suit their unique use cases and requirements.

How to use Workflows Templates

So, how can you get started?

It just takes a few simple steps:

  1. Head to Workflows Templates on the CARTO Academy.
  2. Browse the sections to locate a Workflow relevant to you - anything from data preparation to running advanced spatial statistics.
  3. Select Download Example for your chosen workflow to download your template to your local machine.
  4. Next, head to the Workflows section of your CARTO Workspace.
  5. Locate your workflow template on your local machine (it will have a .sql extension) and simply drag it onto the workspace.
  6. You’ll be prompted to select a cloud data warehouse connection.
  7. And that’s it - your workflow template should be ready for you to use! You can run it as it is, or start to adapt it with your own data and components.

Not got a CARTO account? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start trying out the Workflows templates today!

Check out our quick-start guide below to see this in action!

💡 Did you know you can share your own Workflows templates? When in your workflow, head to Options (the three “dots” to the right of “Share”) and select Export! Just like with Workflows Templates, this will generate a SQL file which you can share with… well, anyone you like! They can then drop this into their own CARTO Workspace and use your Workflow themselves - no code collaboration has never been easier!

No code analysis, simpler than ever!

Looking for more inspiration to help automate your analytical pipelines? Request a demo with one of our experts to learn how you can get started.