Wanted: Geo Programmer Intern to Aid in Mars Mission


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Wanted: Geo Programmer Intern to Aid in Mars Mission

Wow. CartoDB is going to Mars? Well kind of. We're looking for an extra special intern that will help the European Space Agency search for a martian landing spot and communicate it to the public though.

The ExoMars 2018 mission aims to land a rover on Mars with the goal of gathering more evidence in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Where does CartoDB come in? Finding a landing site is hard work and it turns out that it has very much to do with geospatial analysis. Your goal: to build an interactive web map visualization of the ExoMars Rover landing sites.

Info from the [Project Page]:

This trainee project is an outreach project generally aiming at drawing the attention and increasing the interest of the general public for the scientific and robotic exploration of Mars in Europe. The goal of the project is to design and build an interactive web map visualisation of the four recommended ExoMars landing sites. The visualisation will be based on some of the ESA and NASA planetary imagery data and additional geospatial information used by the Landing Site Selection Working Group. It will be designed so that it is engaging for a non-expert public and facilitating the understanding of a few key concepts for the selection of the landing sites including scientific and engineering constraints.

The trainee will work with the support of the ESA's Planetary Science Archive (PSA) Team at ESAC and the CartoDB team based in Madrid and New York. He/she will also be in contact with the ExoMars Landing Site Selection Working Group. His/her work will mainly consist in designing and prototyping the front-end web interface of the interactive map visualisation. It will also include supporting the identification and preparation of all necessary geospatial and mapping data products for ingestion into the system back-end.

Application details:

Random space related map: 2013 Space Launch Map

Good luck!