Fon uses CARTO to scale millions of data points for better network service


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Fon uses CARTO to scale millions of data points for better network service

Location intelligence is a compelling method to measure technology usage in major metropolitan cities. Fon Wireless Ltd. (Fon) a leading worldwide WiFi provider that operates a system of dual access wireless networks and more than 19 million crowdsourced hotspots fused geographic analysis and multiple data sources to discover where access points are placed and network density.

Using CARTO’s location and data analysis platform Fon created a portal that spatially represents millions of stakeholders and their interests to network connectivity.

Fon was able to focus on the creation of customizable data-driven visualizations that update data and maps in real-time. Now Fon as well as its clients and partners can see WiFi service offerings and compare what works and doesn’t for better faster decisions.

Discover how Fon used CARTO to visualize millions of data points and add transparency to their network offerings.


CARTO’s location intelligence enriches cities telcos and service providers with deep insights from geographical and customer data. To learn more about how CARTO helped Fon visualize and analyze millions of data points for better customer services through the power of location intelligence and data analysis read our case study today.

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