CARTO for CPG - Integrated Spatial Analytics for Consumer Brands


Spatial analytics & data to drive better CPG trade marketing & channel expansion strategies.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CARTO for CPG - Integrated Spatial Analytics for Consumer Brands

As rising inflation and the spiraling cost of living continue to put pressure on consumer demand across many markets, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands are faced with some critical decisions to make in response. Either innovate with new, lower cost alternatives  explore untapped markets or improve the effectiveness of their promotional activities using a more insight-driven approach.

At the heart of these strategic options is the trade channel. Those distributors and retailers that deliver the endless array of brand categories “on-shelf” at the consumer point of sale  be that a large grocery chain  a gas station  a coffee shop  or your local convenience store.

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Historically  trade promotional activities for packaged goods have proven to be expensive, with little or no return on investment. According to McKinsey, CPG companies dedicated more than 20% of revenue to trade promotions, and in the majority of cases these investments drew negative results with well over 50% of trade promotion investments losing money. No doubt these alarming figures have been impacted further due to post-Covid adjustments  not to mention current economic factors  as trade partners and consumers “feel the pinch” of rising day-to-day costs.

Announcing CARTO for CPG

In response to these challenges, today we announce the availability of a cloud native spatial analytics platform to help CPG brands accelerate their transition to a more data-driven approach to understanding both the where and why of consumers and merchant points of sale.

Unlock powerful spatial insights for better CPG decision-making.

CARTO for CPG is an integrated offering that runs natively on the leading cloud data platforms. It brings together first-party data on consumers and trade partners  powerful external spatial data to enrich understanding  and a set of out-of-the box analyzes to drive key CPG route-to-market strategies.

It is now possible to have a holistic  visual view of points of sale, easily segment these merchants and target consumer profiles for more impactful market expansion strategies  based on a clearer understanding of underlying trade areas.

A fully cloud native platform

CARTO for CPG has been designed to run key CPG analytics on the leading cloud data platforms, including Google BigQueryAmazon RedshiftSnowflake and Databricks. Data is processed and analyzed natively in the cloud, avoiding time-consuming ETL workflows and benefiting from the near-limitless scalability that cloud provides.

In addition  we have developed more than 100 advanced analytical functions, extending the spatial support available in these cloud data warehouses. Data Scientists and Analysts working in CPG  can now run spatial analytics natively in the cloud  and create powerful dashboards and visualizations to drive their decisioning.

Data enrichment  analytics and ready-to-use CPG apps

Access 1000s of Spatial Datasets

CARTO for CPG offers a complete set of analysis modules for consumer goods companies, in a unified platform. This includes our leading data mapping and analytics tool  Builder. For data enrichment  the platform also opens up access to more than 11 000 spatial dataset through our Data Observatory. Users can deepen their understanding of consumer and merchant locations using curated  ready-to-use Demographic  Point of Interest  Human Mobility and Behavioral datasets from leading data providers.

Territory Planning for Personal Care Products based on Addressable Market

An Analytics Toolbox built for CPG

Our embedded analytics module gives CPG companies access to an unparalleled level of analysis functionality. The Analytics Toolbox for CPG includes powerful spatial analysis functions for segmenting merchants based on their trade area characteristics  customer clustering techniques  and commercial hotspots analysis to focus market expansion strategies.

These analytical functions are currently available for Google BigQuery, and can be executed directly from CARTO for CPG or the cloud console itself ,using simple spatial SQL commands.

Out-of-the-Box CPG Apps & Resources for Developers

CARTO for CPG integrates a pre-built application for CPG Customer Segmentation. This customizable app has been developed to power merchant expansion and trade marketing decisions  based on a deep understanding of the network of POS trade areas  competitors and consumer characteristics. It integrates powerful map visualization  3rd party spatial data and a set of pre-built analytical functions so CPG brands can quickly understand the surrounding trade fabric and assess network expansion opportunities  through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

For CPG brands looking to develop their own spatial applications  CARTO for CPG also offers a full suite of developer resources  including APIs  and front-end frameworks. For more detailed information  check out our Developer resources.

With the launch of CARTO for CPG, we continue to evolve our cloud-native spatial offering, so consumer brands can access the most complete location data and analytics features to power their strategic decision-making.

To find out more about CARTO for CPG, sign up for our webinar on the 19th January, or contact us for a personalized demo of its capabilities.