Dstillery Behavioral Spatial Data available in CARTO's Data Observatory


Dstillery's Behavioral Spatial Data is available through CARTO's Data Observatory to provide market segmentation & geomarketing insights.

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Dstillery Behavioral Spatial Data available in CARTO's Data Observatory

Spatial data used for market research  geomarketing  and other types of analysis requiring insights into consumer behavior typically consists of categories such as age  gender  and socio-economics. This type of information can be provided by official census data but given the infrequency of these undertakings they can often be out of date and inaccurate. For this reason we offer a wide range of demographic data sets (over 2 000 in fact) in our Data Observatory giving our users access to the highest quality data possible.

To complement and enrich this more traditional source of information we have started to offer new types of behavioral data allowing insights into topics such as social media sentiment  web browsing habits  and mobility patterns. These can unveil insights about a location that are impossible to see looking only at socio-demographic attributes by identifying unique patterns and new behaviors. For example people can belong to the same age group but have completely different interests and that can only be discovered from their behavior.

Today we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Dstillery  the leading custom audience solutions partner for agencies and brands  and the inclusion of their behavioral and location audiences data for the US within our Data Observatory.

Beyond Demographics

On a daily basis  Dstillery ingests in-excess of 160 billion event-level data points (website visitation  app usage  physical visitation) to define the most holistic view of consumer behaviors. With this data  their Custom AI models constantly score and rescore individual devices (mobile and desktop) into and out of audiences to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Graphic of world map labelled with a diverse range of people

Dstillery’s behavioral and location audiences provide accurate and granular geospatial data on unique behaviors. Analysts across various industries can apply their audiences and insights across a wide range of market segmentation projects  including site selection  geomarketing and market analysis.

Prebuilt & Custom AI Audiences

In addition to their public audience catalog  Dstillery can create custom AI audiences built from client first party data (website  CRM  DMP  etc.)  allowing clients to use data not typically used in geospatial analysis and built for their specific needs and initiatives. Using their proprietary device graph  they can bring these digital based audiences to the physical world for geospatial analysis  thus expanding and enhancing first party data.

Polaroids of a diverse set of people

Audience indices are computed based on a nationwide average normalised to 1. A value of 2 means that the census block group is 2x more likely to have that audience than the national average.

Examples of audiences are: Home Buyers  Mortgage Researchers  Online Grocery Shoppers  Vegans  Fitness Enthusiasts  Gamers  Vacation planners  NBA Fans  Jewelry & Watch Shoppers  Consumers shopping online  etc.

Each and every audience Dstillery creates is refreshed daily.

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Our Head of Data  Javier Perez Trufero  reflected on this partnership:

       As social media plays an increasingly important part in our lives  behavioral data is able to identify unique patterns and new insights about a location that are impossible to see looking only at socio-demographic attributes. This partnership with Dstillery allows our customers the ability to analyze their valuable data for purposes such as site selection  geomarketing  market analysis  and more. We’re very excited to see what they can accomplish in this new normal.    

Dstillery's Director of Business Development  Michael Guzewicz  also commented:

       Geospatial data is incredibly important for making marketing  real estate and merchandising decisions  and this data can be even more useful when it’s augmented with behavioral insights. At Dstillery  we constantly refresh our data to ensure that it’s up to date and accurate  which will help CARTO customers take advantage of this enriched data set.    

If you are looking to understand more about how you might use Location Intelligence in your organization  you can explore our Customer Stories library here - or  you can speak to one of our spatial data experts to discuss potential use cases - simply contact us here.

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